In a beehive, each member is a specialist in their duty and as a team they constitute one of the most significant pillars of any ecosystem, because without the pollination carried out accidentally by these small insects, there would be no grass, no animals, no people …

Life is made up of moments and some are so special that we dream of them before they happen, those events that mark our lives and become memories that we will treasure in our memory forever.

Beevent is the result of the convergence of ideas of a team of professionals who live for detail, like bees, coordination and teamwork are our philosophy. With each event, regardless of the type of event; weddings, business dinners, birthdays, getaways and even large musical events; we re-discover how much we love our work and that is to make your dream come true, whatever it is, it tastes like honey.

Abeja es cada expresión 
que, volando del papel, 
deja en los labios la miel
y pica en el corazón 

Ruben Darío


The events come from the tradition of celebrating significant events of our lives, for generations we have inherited an image associated with the different types of events, a classic example would be “the dreamed white wedding”. In Beevent, in addition to putting at your disposal all our experience making events following the traditional line, with the promise of fulfilling each and every one of your expectations; we invite you to imagine without hesitation, to break with all the schemes, we live to make your vision come true, as traditional or unusual as it is, with the same meticulousness as a bee makes the cells of its hive.

We adapt to you, offering you the possibility of leaving in our hands the entire management of the event or only a part of it. Our infrastructure allows us to organize your event wherever you want and wherever you are.